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O'Hara's Select


Kentucy Straight

Bourbon Whiskey


The whiskey’s formula has been improved, now consisting of a higher percentage of older whiskies (into the high teens), compared to the original release (which I rated 81). Nicely balanced, with candied fruit, blackberry jam, soft vanilla, kettle corn, and a kiss of mint. Pleasant, unpretentious, and uncomplicated. — John Hansell

Four-Roses-Single-BarrelO'Hara's Select

Four Roses

Single Barrel
 "Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"
A great single barrel bourbon from Four Roses. Plummy and fruity with lots of character and at higher strength. This won Whisky Magazine's 2008 Best Bourbon Whiskey No Age award, as well as a host of other awards from around the world.