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 Wine Symposium 


Friday, September 18th, 2019

from 5 to 7pm

with Dr. Liquid


 Welcome back to our wine symposium, 

 With The Man, The Myth The Legend Himself 


Happy Labor Day


 O u r     W i n e    L i s t     F o r     Y o u


2016 Domaine Gueguen



"A vibrant nose of stone fruits combined with red raspberries, cherries and cranberries. Clean start followed by ripe red fruits flavors and a clean dry finish."


2018 Le Loup Blanc

Soif Rouge

"The nose of violets with peppery and mineral nuances and the tender and tonic mouth will be associated perfectly with grilled vegetables on a griddle, grilled meat, mullet with tapenade or marinated tuna with lime and ginger."



2016 Domaine De La Colline


~Loire Valley

"The vineyards are planted on two major types of soil: - gravelly terraces, which offer light and fruity wines called "Easter wines" or "spring wines", and - argilo-calcareous & argilo-siliceous hillsides, which produce wines suitable for ageing, sometimes for long periods. Depending on their terroir of origin, some wines can be enjoyed extremely young or, must be left to age many years before all their flavours are revealed"



2015 Henry De Floret

Chateauneuf du Pape

"Flavors of fleshy, preserved red cherry and strawberry verge on overripe here. Soft, plush and fruity, it's an easy-drinking wine with a hint of leather and spice. Although not deeply complex, it's comforting and rich, finishing on fine, furry tannins."


2016 Closerie des Alisiers

Coteaux Bourguignons

"The freshness, fruitiness, juice and drinkability of Pinot Noir Bourguignon in this double gold medal vintage at an irresistible price!Attention, another great deal !! We start with a fruity and structured nose offering a fine concentration. The palate is  juicy, & balanced. A slightly acidic frame & sweetness. It is typical of the appellation but with perfect harmony, cleanliness and precision to the end."

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2017 Closerie des Alisiers

Macon Milly

"Light-bodied Chardonnay is a
real delight, and it’s what this part of France does best. Milly-Lamartine is recognized as superior quality, so the village has the right to put its name on the bottle. Apple and citrus-tinged fruit with a stony base.


2017 Jolivet


"Sleek pear, green apple and green plum notes race through this enticing white, backed by a flash of quince on the finish, with a bright edge"



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