Here are some of our favorite links

Intowine is a good web site that discusses wine, food and wine pairings, and wine news: is a good place to learn more about Italian wines, the geography of Italian wine, and different regional Italian foods:
Wine is a fun web site that has a blog and some unique articles offers comprehensive wine information great for beginners and experts:
Wine has a fair number of excellent wine articles written by sommeliers and other wine enthusiasts: is a good place to learn the basics about French wines. The site also has extensive and interesting wine/cheese pairings: is another comprehensive website with lots of good content: is a great website for anyone who likes to cook- it offers far more than recipes! is Food & Wine Magazine's free website.
Eat Greek Tonight is a website dedicated to Greek cooking:
The Spanish Wine Page is a great place to learn more about Spanish wines, Spanish wine regions, Spanish wine labels and more:
Glossary of Wine tasting terms So, have you ever wondered what some of that crazy wine lingo actually means? Here is a good place to understand more- Barnyard anyone?
Tom Wark's Daily Wine Blog is an interesting blog that covers current wine news and trend
The Beer Advocate is arguably the best Craft Beer site on the net:
Beer is another fun beer site:
The Beer Library is a collection of recent beer reviews from all over the world:
The Global Beer Network offers amazing information about Belgian beer: